Coco Wing

"Exhibiting artist at the 2022 Franklin Art Festival in New Zealand"

Member of the Australian Melbourne Watercolour Society and Chief Representative of New Zealand

Founder of Eden Art Studio in New Zealand

Founder and Instructor at Kereru Art Children's Painting School in New Zealand

President, Leader of IWS New Zealand

Exhibiting artist at the 2022 Franklin Art Festival in New Zealand

Contracted artist at the Wanganui Art Gallery in New Zealand, with several oil paintings collected

Winner of the Rising Star Artist Award and participant at the IWS&Japan Nadeshiko Watercolor Triennale 2023

Winner of the Creative Award for one artwork and the Excellence Award for another artwork at the 2nd Australian International Watercolour Competition in 2021, both exhibited at the Victoria Art Museum in Australia

Winner of the Excellence Award for two artworks exhibited at the Global International Watercolor Art and Cultural Exchange Exhibition in 2022.

Artist's Pieces

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