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International Watercolour Society New Zealand
NZBN: 9429051335199

In 2012, Mr. Atanur Dogan from Canada founded the “International Watercolor Society”. Since its establishment, the society expanded rapidly with the development of more than 100 branches around the world.

Now, IWS has become internationally renowned and widely recognized as an authoritative art organization in the industry.

Enjoy the beauty of Watercolour for New Zealand

New Zealand Branch was established in 2014, and officially registered, the present leader is Ms. Coco Wing who is a master of watercolour, coloured pencils, and acrylic painting.

She has lived in NZ about 20 years and travels national-wide. She welcomes all people to join us for watercolour paintings.

New Zealand Boarder

We are teamed with warm-hearted artists who also belong to IWS Global Art network.
The New Zealand office is located in Auckland. We regularly have events and exhibition both nationally and internationally.  

Atanur Dogan

IWS Founder, President

Coco Wing

New Zealand President

Mila Renault

Vice President NZ

Richie Monk

Art Tutor

Senga Glacier


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