Deadline Extend to 15 July 2024

2024 IWS NZ Competition

Entry close date:

5 July 15 July 2024

Deadline Extended !

Show Date: 26th Oct-1st Nov 2024
Online Exhibition at
Auckland Grand Centgral Hotel
the Historic Building of New Zealand
Multi-awards, World Famous Master Jury Panel

2024 IWS New Zealand

Watercolour Competition

The 2nd IWS NZ

International Watercolour Competition for Children and Youth

Deadline Extended.

Auckland Grand Central Hotel, Historic Building
Exhibition: 26Oct-1Nov 2024

Welcome to International Watercolour Society New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its amazing nature, heritage, and scenery. We may easily have breath-taking clouds, twilights, oceans, waves, snows, mountains, and flowers here. All of which are unstoppable sources for artists. In addition, the effects from various watercolour washes can perfectly reflect the beauties.

When what you see becomes what you are painting, you are letting everyone enjoy the touching moment through your art pieces.

That is why IWS NZ shall exist, not only meeting world-class art masters, but also NZ artists let the global people experience our charming world.

Coco Wing

Fine Artist / NZ Branch Manager

Touching Story behind the watercolour painting

with this video, you could see the incredible beauty of season change in Arrowtown, from white snow to pink petals, green leaves, till golden moutains. but will the house owner be offended if the property is loved by artist?

Traditional Chinese Painting
is a type of Watercolour Painting?

the Longest Watercolour Techniques over 2000years

Do you know that the Chinese invented paper and brush about 2000 years ago, the first form of drawing is just ink painting.

Coincidently western and China used similar sources from nature’s heritage, therefore Chinese painting has almost same techniques as modern watercolour painting

Gongbi(fine details) and Xieyi(free style) are two respensative styles for Chinese painting. Why the ancient Chinese didn’t use canvases? How old Chinese painting could last thousands of years?

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IWS 10th Anniversary Celebration

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