YANG Jingyu

Yang Jing-yu(pen name Ming Jie), majors in realistic flowers. She is a member of Hebei Youth Art Asociation, a member of Qinhuangdao Fine Art Asociation and a creator of Shannxi Contemporary Watercolor and Gouache Research Institute. She is also a member of China Watercolor and Gouache Art Committee and a member of NWS Fine Art Asociation of the United States, a member of Australian Fine Art Asociation,and also a contracted painter of Huang Youwei Watercolor Studio. There has been a number of art pieces in enrollment, such as "Little Flowers Blooming", "In Red like a Bride", "Rays of Sunlight", "Flourishing in Spring", "Loving Summer", "Autumn Leaves", "Still Life", "Blossoms China", "Date Spring", "Breezing", "Quiet Orchid", "Lavish Zither(You and Me), "Being Together, Being Happy" series and so on. All of the above have been on show both on & off line.