"He is a traditional Chinese painting lecturer, calligraphy lecturer, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a major in traditional Chinese painting. He is a certified senior high school teacher and has been invited to participate in the Mia Bu Zhi Gai Bian | National Fine Arts Education Ecological Forum in 2020. He is also a national-level painting instructor for the Social Art Level Examination. With 20 years of experience in traditional Chinese painting and 10 years of teaching experience both online and offline, he adheres to the excellent tradition of "learning from nature and finding inspiration from the heart," drawing on the experiences of predecessors to explore in his own learning, creation, and teaching. His teaching style is in-depth, clear, and well-organized, providing comprehensive analysis. He has received excellent reviews from students, and has helped them win multiple awards in painting. His video services have reached millions of viewers. He has created the exquisite series "Interpreting Traditional Chinese Painting" and "Fundamentals of Calligraphy.""

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