LIU Xiaoji

Liu Xiaoji is a member of the Hubei Provincial Writers Association and a watercolorist.
2021: "Red Makeup" was selected for the world's 3rd Still Life Flower Honor Award;
2022: "Old Dreams of the Old Garden" was shortlisted for the still life category of the Malaysia International Art Competition;
2022: "Bamboo" was shortlisted for the IMWA International Watercolor Master Alliance Youth Exhibition;
In April 2023, "Bamboo Qu Qingqing" was selected into the "Venice Watercolor Festival and Huang Youwei Teacher and Student Exhibition", and the works were exhibited offline and collected by private collections;
April and May 2023: "Liuyu" and "Glutinous Rice Wrapped Churros" were selected as "Honorary Mention" by the jury in the "Colorful Watercolor" themed watercolor painting competition
July 2023: "Qingyun Meixiang" was selected into the "Shanxi Province Watercolor Painting Exhibition • The 6th Small Watercolor Sketch Exhibition" and exhibited offline. "Heart Fence" was selected for the "89 Art Commune" Summer Online Art Exhibition Excellence Award;
August 2023: "Heart Fence" was selected for the first Qingdao International Watercolor Exhibition;
Published novels such as "Prosperous Dragon Vein" and "Price". At the national, provincial and municipal levels, more than 1 million words were published